Noonan Syndrome Awareness Association (NSAA) Launch

Brett | Feb. 28, 2017

Hello and Welcome to our official NSAA Launch!

We couldn’t have picked a better day to launch our Association than February 28th – World Rare Disease Day.┬áNS is a rare genetic disease but with an estimated incidence of as many as 1:1000 it is possibly the most ‘common’ rare disease in your community!

The Noonan Syndrome Awareness Association (NSAA) aims to:

  • improve awareness of Noonan Syndrome (NS) amongst health professionals and the general community
  • reduce NS misdiagnosis rates
  • increase early intervention rates for children with NS
  • help individuals with NS access resources and services
  • act as a resource for health professionals, educators, individuals with NS and their families/carers

Future Blog Posts will feature stories about new research, assessments, treatments and personal narratives of people with NS. We hope you will find them an interesting and valuable resource.

We want to thank our sponsors at Swish Media for our great logo and wonderful website – they have done amazing work!

We thank you for joining us at the NSAA and we greatly appreciate your support.

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